The Central Asian/European food here is a blessing to Chicago. Every dish we got was a celebration of flavors and cooked to perfection by what is clearly a master chef. The laghman noodles, Samsa stuffed pastry, kazakh soup, eggplant salad, meat kebabs, fresh bread and honey cake and pistachio roulade is what I think I'll eat in heaven. These dishes are pure. 🇺🇿 Not watered down or cutting corners. The service is very friendly, restaurant and plating of the food very elegant and like another reviewer said.. a Michelin star should be in their near future. Such a great memory for our anniversary 💞 we will be back to the #1 Central Asian/European restaurant in Chicago! Long live Anor!
Sultan Smakov
We have been here twice and the chef deserves a Michelin. Whichever meal you order tastes incredibly good. Their must try is samsa, just fire!
Zhanibek Mirakbarov
I have had the pleasure of dining at the Anor restaurant on two occasions. During my first visit, I ordered the lagman with samsa, and during my second visit, my wife and I enjoyed manty, dumplings, solyanka, and samsa together. The food was incredibly tasty, but I must say that the "samsa" stood out to me the most. They were absolutely heavenly, reminiscent of the samsa I've had in Tashkent. The flavors of the samsa were exceptional, and the pastry was light and flaky, perfectly complementing the savory fillings. Each bite was a delightful explosion of flavors and textures. The samsa at Anor truly captured the essence of Uzbek cuisine and transported me back to the vibrant streets of Tashkent. Furthermore, the restaurant itself provided a pleasant atmosphere with attentive staff who made our dining experience even more enjoyable. The menu offered a wide variety of authentic central Asian dishes, and the quality of the ingredients used was evident in every bite. My wife and I highly recommend visiting Anor for an unforgettable culinary journey through the flavors of Central Asia.
Emilbek Tazhibaev
This place is a hidden gem. I recently had the pleasure of dining at the Anor 1985 Restaurant, and I must say, it was an unforgettable experience that transported me to the heart of Central Asia. The menu was delightful and so many options for food. The food was delicious, the service was great, and I liked the interior design felt warm and cozy.
Arla Jones
What a pleasant surprise to find this little slice of serenity near our Airbnb! They just opened up, so they are still working things out. The food we had was top notch—they are from Central Asia so there is a delightful blending of cultures on the menu. @anor_restsurant My photos can give an impression of what we had, all good and made with great care and pride. Sami brought us delicious bread and a refreshing tea when we first sat down which really made us feel welcome. We learned that Anor means pomegranate—please stop in —recommended wholeheartedly!! @kimyarla
Bekmukhan Tolepbergen
Highly remember this place. Very cozy and food is so delicious. Samsa was amazing . I will Definitely come back here. Thank you!!!
M qooqle
Such an amazing place to spend some time with your friends. Nice service and delicious food. Must try!
Shynggys Altyngazy
Huge selection on the menu. calm atmosphere inside, the staff is very polite and helped a lot with the choice of food. the food itself is very tasty, highly recommended, will definitely come again.